A customer specialising in identification and security solutions called today, claiming "they" found malware on their website. Then they provided a weird link to some shady malware scanner, and the "malware" turned to be a <noscript> tag which adds ?noscript to the page url, so we can serve no-JS optimised content. As a bonus, the scanner only detected it on two URLs, even though every single page on the site contains that same line of code.

Joke's on them, have fun paying for priority support outside of the business hours for nothing.

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    Is this a security company owned by parent company EIG? Is your hosting company owned by EIG? EIG is cancer and attempts to extort money from people using services from their child companies. BTW, GoDaddy is affiliated with "security" companies owned by EIG. I consider GoDaddy a cancer too.
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    @Demolishun Not that I'd know, but it's hard to tell for sure since the trail of ownership and affiliation isn't exactly public
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