First "computer" : Electronika BK. Had some fun with table software and some basic

first X86 : Intel 80286 with wooping 1MB of ram and 40 MB hard drive.

First fun experiance :

Me : "I'm gonna clean folders"
Me : "What are these files on the c: ? I'll move them into a folder"
(Youknow like io.sys, autoexec.bat)
Reboots :
Computer : "Please insert a boot drive"
Me : "The what now?"
Needed some help to fix it.
At least I learnt how boot loader works and wrote my own small thingy in asm

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    Same first fun experience, except I was 5 and didn't know how to reinstall windows 😂
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    Same here! My first computer had a 3GB hard drive which got full, I did a file search with a "big files only" filter. I found that weird kernel32.dll that was like 40MB,deleted it. Next stop: repair shop
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