which is the best cloud provider for a complete beginner (user/dev) in terms of community support, employer preference and user-friendliness?

i know that understanding the tech and concepts behind it matters more than getting familiarized with a specific platform, but i'm looking to build a more diverse profile and have noticed many positions asking for AWS/Azure experience.

since i'll be starting from scratch, any provider with easy-to-follow documentation, online help and certifications that don't leave you broke (would have to pay myself, earn very less as a student from a third-world country, parents/current employer can't support) would work.

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    @BixelPitch thank you, will check out the student program!
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    Digital Ocean is quite good one
    Best user friendly simple interface
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    Cloudflare worker, vercel, netlify
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    Don't think employers will ask juniors to pick services from AWS or azure.
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    Younshould check the github studnts Pack , they have some free credits for a few cloud providers and I believe some courses too.

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    Heroku TBH. Not really a "cloud provider" (just a middleman between you and AWS), but it makes things easier.

    If you don't want to spend any money but still want to try Heroku, self-host Dokku on your LAN
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    @darkwind thank you, i checked it out and the UI is definitely welcoming for beginners!
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    @Katakompe this is extremely helpful!! i will definitely use and share these resources with others in my network
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