Proud dad moment:
My son just worked out how to use a firestick remote to put Thomas on TV.
He's 2.
My parents can barely work their remote without playing 20 questions.
Not long before he learns how to use bash now!

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    Bash ftw
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    Next step: vim!
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    He'll have "Hello World" down pat before he starts pre-k!
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    Kids are sponges at that age. See something once, they'll generally recall and repeat.
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    My mom and I both started using a computer at the same time. Nearly 20 years later, she still has problems with the majority of basic computer functions.
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    Just never show him a mouse. He will become the ultimate power user, master of the shortcuts and​ lord of the terminal (emulator)+.
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    Next step: automate it and write a script that does it instead
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    @vringar Too late. My wife works from home, and she leaves her 5-button mouse laying around. My son cannot resist!
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    @rantOverflow yeah, it's about time that someone rewrites the kernel. :P
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    Just don't let him close to Windows command line. It's not safe for children.
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    @zfor It isn't safe for anyone, haha!
    But seriously, he has since figured out how to work the play/pause/fast-forward/rewind, and he's still only 2.
    My parents had to call tech support recently to get their TV unfucked... because they were worried the remote might be hooked up to nuclear bombs, and pressing the wrong sequence of buttons would set them off.
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