Some older woman in my building tried to cyberbully me. She found a back door because the building’s online message board emails everyone in the building and those emails have a link to email the author.

You bet I snitched on her to building management after she continued to email me after I had asked her to stop and told her that her email was offensive. I don’t tolerate people who make assumptions about my ethnicity and use that as a reason to send me demeaning messages.

And you bet I contacted the developers of the building’s message board about the backdoor. And of course they implied that I could have prevented this and sent me instructions. No, I could not have prevented this and those instructions they sent me would have never applied to my comment on the message board.

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    Are you in the EU?

    If so you might have the ability to report them for GDPR violations.

    If a person that is outside the list of trusted users was able to contact you on your email address, that might be enough to call it a data-breach.

    The harasser might also find herself in hot water as well because she purposely circumvented security protocols in place to unlawfully gain access to privileged information.

    INAL, but it's worth a shot.

    If you're an American though, you're pretty fucked. Nobody gives a fuck about us.
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    @sariel if I read it right there is a link to email the author but not exposing the email address. It looks not like circumventing anything just a feature.
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    @hjk101 It’s a pretty shitty and sneaky feature because it’s not present on the message board’s web or mobile versions. Only the author of the post has an option to use a different contact email. Anyone who comments on the post doesn’t have that option. I was confused as to how this woman got my email. Then, I remembered the message board emails everyone in the building and saw the link in the email. Technically the link is a “view post in web browser” link. Viewing the post in the web browser then has a link to email the user. This woman must have had very little to do if she’s found this. I know I usually delete a lot of emails that come from the message board.
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    @sariel In the US. No one here really cares about protecting user privacy.
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    I am a simple man, i see karen facing consequences i upvote.

    Also fuck those lazy morons of developers.
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    Are you indian?
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