Motherfuckers can't even create a simple login feature.

Lmao this promotion driven faggots are dominating the product thinking they'll commercialise it and earn profits.

Why is this hilarious? Because they are building this product for past 3 years and yet the login feature is not functioning.

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    I can't say anything about it - but a company I joined had been operating 5+ years with insecure logins and unhashed passwords stored.

    It won't stop a company succeeding.
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    @Crost as pathetic as it is
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    @Crost to be unsecure, it has to work right?

    In my case, it doesn't even work.
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    @Floydimus shit doesn't even have to work for some "action-biased innovation-driven success-inspired" fucking-tool suit-fucker shit-for-brains to buy it for someone else not use it.

    As long as money changes hands and meaningless arbitrary milestones get reached and bonuses checks clear, the suit-fuckers won't give a damn.

    Shitty is the corporate world we live in.
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    @Floydimus it has to sometimes work
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    @JsonBoa sssshhhh! You speak a lot of truth and that could piss off many.
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