Man the senior dev where I work produces the most half baked shit solutions but I guess management loves em because he produces results.

Like Holy fuck this whole place just has a raging hard on for Microsoft products. Plus management won't spend any money on dealing with any of the tech debt and our prod solution is just to erect more monoliths.

Someone please end my suffering

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    Solving technical debt doesn’t bring in revenue. Only incurring more technical debt by agreeing to build everything any anything that one customer who hasn’t even paid a dime or signed an agreement asked for.

    Which if you think about it, lines up quite well with the funding model of some of these companies: incur massive amounts of debt from investors to grow at all costs, pump up the valuation to ridiculous numbers and dazzle dazzle the market with shiny Press Releases whilst doing nothing about the raging dumpster fire that is a burned out, probably pissed off workforce.

    It all makes sense when you stop trying to make it make sense
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    Best part were still building on the same code from the 80's
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    Do you see that shadowy area way off in the distance?


    That's our numerous monoliths built to the Tech Debt Gods. We never go there.
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    My previous senior / tech lead
    Had his former project monolith built without a single unit test.
    Do I need to add anything else?
    Debugging in the production is just a top of the iceberg that happened in his project

    In my opinion he can't be higher than junior with such approaches

    He had eleven years of experience working as DBE though
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    @Koolman42 oh so you must be my replace 😁
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