I think I’ve done 2 hours of actual work today.

And that’s probably gonna be it.

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    2 whole hours to Touch Computers?
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    Ask my burnout/boreout/depression and that'd be a good day.
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    i read somewhere that we are only capable of about 3h of productivity a day. the average person during the middle ages would work 15~20h a week
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    glad im not alone
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    Same for me.

    I'm either booked with meetings, or simply lacking tasks.

    The funny thing is that I switched from my former company because they had very few tasks (had like 1 hour work in a day), and this new company PROMISED they had more work, since they "don't rely on customers".

    Though it seems like they rely on my Product Owner and our (one and only) designer before I can do my job.. And they are both super busy, so, if I am lucky, I got enough work for 2-3 hours throughout a day.

    Easy pay since I am paid for 37 hours a week, but somehow really stressful when you don't have any tasks at all.
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