That feeling when you’ve got a reputation of preciseness etc, and the code you just submitted for review has so many silly little mistakes you just want to do that ostrich thing. Gosh, how can I suddenly suck at my job this bad?

Okay, the changes affect EVERYTHING in our codebase (a major change in core business logic), and there is no way I could’ve tested every possible case by myself without a decent coverage of automated tests - which we obviously don’t have. So yet another argument for it (damn management, won’t you listen?!)… but still, some of the mistakes found during code review make me seem like a complete idiot.

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    Don't feel bad. We don't have tests and we don't review each others code. Well, we do review each others code, if we take over projects from each other. Then we are like why TF did you do this shit?! I am sure I have bad habits that are not being addressed. Just like everyone else I work with.

    My biggest issue with our code. NOBODY HAS TAKEN THE FUCKING TIME TO RUN MEMORY ANALYZERS ON THIS CODE! Seriously, how do you even seriously call yourself a C/C++ programmer and not have at least run it through valgrind or something similar?! Code in production systems has been found with memory leaks. I am embarrassed by this shit.
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    Just tell your reviewers they passed your test.
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    @Demolishun ok now THAT’s bad. And here I keep complaining to myself that our processes lack definition and we need to move a few steps away from our laissez-faire way of doing things. But at least our org seems to be doing better on that front than yours… my condolences.

    We haven’t always taken code reviews seriously tho. I got so annoyed about that I intentionally included breaking changes in code I submitted to get the importance of code review into the senior dev’s thick skull. (They’re not actually that bad, just a little too easy-going in a few wrong spots…)
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    You are human, you can't write perfect code. that's why code review exists.
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    @whyreadthis this is great if this it is said as a joke but the amount of people I see seriously saying this disturbs me 😭
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    Your rep is still intact

    It only bothers you so much because you value precisision, and being bothered is what will ensure you'll keep pursuing it endlessly
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    dude: You passed the test.

    IV (interviewer): What test?

    dude: The Turing test.

    IV: What?

    dude: But the human test results are so far inconclusive.

    IV: What did you say bitch?!

    dude: Okay, you passed the human test.
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    I'm not embarrassed usually, most of the time rather amazed what farts my brain can produce.

    For me the feeling of embarrassed stopped the moment I just embraced that failure and mistakes are not bad, as long as they're found before causing mayhem.

    It's what I love to teach, mostly under the topic of efficient coding. Some people spend hours trying to find every possible bug due to being afraid of others spotting them (note: bugs - code is finished and designed well)… instead of just commiting and pushing and let others help them.

    Which is another reason why I think being embarrassed is kinda wrong - you need input from other peoples, from critic to motivation, to learn and become better.

    If you only stay in your own bubble, you'll hardly progress, as you cannot come up with all possible solutions by yourself.

    Embrace failure, deliver a good job, learn from others and be kind.
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    @IntrusionCM amen to that
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