best home office ever....不不不

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    I wonder how many smashed fingers it took to finally put up the fence
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    @sariel Looks simple enough
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    @amenabe I was referring to the baby and those castor wheels on the chair.
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    The developer is on the wrong side of the fence
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    @sariel oh got it
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    i got a better one: no kids at all.
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    @nibor No. It is the same as catching a lion. Build a fence around you and declare yourself outside, everything else is trapped inside your fence.
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    I was in the no kids camp.

    I saw everyone's life being ruined by kids.

    Then I realized... kids are like neural nets... you can train them any way you like. You don't have to do things exactly the way other parents do.

    I'm beyond ecstatic with existence of my tiny human girl. She's the freaking best. Bashes right through all the layers of cynicism I've built up over the years. Sure there's poop and a little tantrum here and there, but overall she just brightens every single day of my life.

    I will never push my daughter to have a schedule full of "fun" activities, or babyproof the house. I'm more of a laissez faire person... she does her exploration, she tries to climb on top of the microwave, I guide her so she doesn't hurt herself.

    For the longest time, my daughter slept curled up like a cat on my desk while I was coding.

    Is that normal? Probably not.

    But even just looking at the tiny human snoring calmly while I tried to review a PR... perfection.
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    @bittersweet and another one of those "oooh, but your opinions will change when you have your own kids"-sermons...

    also: seeing kids as" neural nets you can train however you like" is kinda sociopathic, to be honest.
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    Nah, if you don't want kids, 100% valid choice.

    Having kids does change perspective — but if it doesn't fit into your life that perspective shift can also be towards the negative.

    Also plenty of people who forced themselves into it, with disastrous consequences as a result.

    Also... A sociopath is someone who has trouble conforming to social standards.

    Most people just form a thin layer of acceptable behavior over their sociopathic egos.

    I think it's honest to recognize that fact.

    Others are more cunning, hide their manipulative intriges either behind simple gossip or complicated politics, depending on intelligence.

    As a parent you train and manipulate your children. Constantly.

    You provide them training data and incentives, they adjust their neural net. Clean up your toys, and you're allowed to watch TV. Eat your vegetables, and there will be pudding.

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    My point:

    I always thought I had to be like other parents. I don't like their style.

    So I'm raising this little neural net the way I think is good. I take a lot of time to explain things.

    Clean up your toys, otherwise you'll fall over them and hurt yourself. Remember when you were sick? We need strong bodies, that's why we eat vegetables. Not for the pudding reward. Here, hold your hand above the candle... That's hot right? The furnace in the kitchen is like that, but worse, that's why you can't play with boiling water.

    I don't take shortcuts. I let her mess up, safely. I don't punish or reward, I explain real consequences
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