In August 2021 I asked my bosses for a raise for my extra work that I done for the last 6 months to create the first 4 microservices in the company and deploy them in production on a new infrastructure that is cloud based.
Today 27/01/2022 they reported how happy they are of me and that they will take my proposal *in consideration*.
Now i am searching for a new job.

Funny part: I am simple guy if they would have given me a NAS from Synology with lot of space as a reward I would actually have been happy.

P.S. jokes on them, i left 4 easter eggs hidden in the app, pipeline, db and user manual.

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    Easter eggs or booby traps/time bombs?
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    @hjk101 just easter eggs, because it's still my baby project I wouldn't hit my kid (product).
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    @StefansWorld94 good call because you would have been in dangerous waters unless they had a contract breach (like not paying wage). They are just being assholes.
    Hope you find greener pastures soon!
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