I mistyped graduate year in my resume.......

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    Oh no. What will happen now??????
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    @zemaitis i found out because one company call me to ask why you graduate last year but you say not yet graduated.

    Feels like they told me 'we won't hire you because you are stupid'
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    Lisa Miller walked home from shopping one Saturday. She had only recently mistyped the graduate year in her resume and ignored it. She slipped on dog poo, fell right down a drain, washed down the sewers in a creamy brown sludge, and got caught in one of the grates at the city's sewage treatment plant. Not only did she smell funny afterwards, she also died. This can happen to you, too!
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    @Fast-Nop wtf? 🤣
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    You don't need to overthink these things. I forgot to put a role under a different company so they didn't even know where I'm working now. I still got a job offer.
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    @miladiashe 🤷‍♂️ how many companies did you send it to that didn't mention? At least now you know.

    It probably won't put them off much, I've seen loads of little mistakes on CVs. Getting your email wrong through an online form, however... You'll never hear from any of the companies 😅
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    I had experience with the "Personal C Compiler". I put that on my resume. Some place interviewed me because they thought I wrote a compiler. I was like no, I have not. Then they acted like they were mad.
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    @Demolishun perhaps you can write a "personal portable c compiler" using the not confusing .ppc file extension.
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    Girl I have to intentionally mistype 2024 as 2022 otherwise they say we don’t hire students lol even if you’re qualified for the job.
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