Found this on web.

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    Parameters? If so then it doesn't require much knowledge at all :x
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    Can I live there
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    @dontPanic hopefully you're drunk when you do it 😏
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    This code doesnt even work? They use this in the request fn but the this is bound to the request fn not the object literal that holds the str1 str2 str3 properties... its just going to be undefined a bunch of times.
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    @Ronald "this" in the context of a method-invocation tied to an object, will point to the object. So it will work. :) The time it wouldn't would be if you start passing that function around or saving it in some variable and invoking it.
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    @Chefren interesting. Well thats new to me. Thanks for the info.
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    Even my mother could read that...nice idea though
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    "undefined. Secret word:parameters"?

    Cause "your_drink" is defined, but not declared ;)
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    Finally, two passions combined: coding and owning a bar! Mad props on the syntax highlighting as well.
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