Another day, another shitty set of JIRA tickets.

In this week's edition, we run into an issue you'd think is a meme, something you couldn't even make up: three tickets with IDENTICAL titles, but miraculously, they actually refer to three DIFFERENT tasks! (Also comical, they're not bugs, they're tasks, but mouth breathers don't really know the difference, and at this point I just don't have the energy to attempt to explain what could be explained to elementary school children.)

I present a rare look into our national archives!

This document features two exhibits:

Exhibit A: product owner's original ticket titles

Exhibit B: translated-into-competency-because-i'm-not-mentally-deficient ticket titles

Just more proof that 'product owners' don't own shit, the devs are the real ones who actually know what is going on.

I mean just LOOK at Exhibit A's titles. As a big smart manager, do you write those tickets, smile, and say to yourself "Ah, yep, that's very clear, I'll definitely remember what each of these mean literally 5 seconds from now!"

Is asking for literally 30 seconds more of thought too much to ask for? Apparently.

Just kill me

Happy friday ☠️

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    Request & Confirmation
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    Request & Confirmation
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    omg he's just added a FOURTH ticket with the identical tasks!!!! because he was testing the old version of the app

    omg make it stop
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    😂 so it’s not just my company that can’t write down requirements after all.
    I don’t feel so alone anymore.
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    @TrevorTheRat I mean it's like is it that hard people? Write what you, as a user, want. Don't try to be fancy. god
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    @fullstackchris yeah I know. They will do everything bar just write it down. You couldn’t make this shit up
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    Hm... I've met this type of PM's tasks in my previous job... Refinement meetings took hours yet nothing changed next sprint...
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