Learn to read documentation and don't rely on 5 minute Youtube tutorials, stackoverflow or dev blogs for every little thing.

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    Some documentations are no better than stackoverflow or youtube.
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    Blogs are important for news and learning about expert techniques. The issue is curation though. There's a lot of low quality garbage.

    It pays off to know who the respected, key contributors are in the community.

    For example, for Haskell it matters if Simon Peyton Jones or FPComplete is the source, and for Laravel I'm more willing to trust an article from an engineer at Spatie.be, than some random Dev.to or Medium blogger.
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    Of course, there are great resources among these too but if we're talking about CS education in general, I think too many just look for a quick fix or solution to a single issue instead of trying to undestand the technology they're working with fundamentally.
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    @ostream > "Some documentation"


    I know they are improving, but the 'golden standard' Microsoft docs are so enraging. 6 pages of marketing fluff before any helpful information, I sometimes want to punch my fist thru my monitor.

    I'll find some docs, follow *exactly* what is instructed, doesn't work. Hours and hours of searching I stumble across a random 3 year old youtube video and he says "Despite what the docs show, the value is case-sensitive and the error leads you believe the issue is somewhere else."

    GAHHHH!!!! I want my flamethrower and one way ticket to Richmond!
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    @PaperTrail man, please don't break your poor Monitor for helping you reveal others' bugs
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