I did just quit my job.
It was my first job ever.
The only job I've ever had.

But I kinda couldn't take it anymore, the pay was a bit too low and the projects were really demanding.

On Monday, I'll sign my new contract in another company, I'm REALLY looking forward to it and barely can wait!

I'll be working with just one tech-stack which is awesome compared to now where I have to work on like 5 different stacks, sometimes in a single day.

I can't wait for the new job to kick in.

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    Aye good for you bruv 😃
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    Aren't you supposed to sign before you quit?

    Are we going to see a sad rant on Monday?
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    Why did this rant start like a linkedin post?
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    @Demolishun I already have a sort of "pre-contract" that will basically force them to hire me.

    And even if they'll revoke the contract it wouldn't take more than a month to find a decent job, so...
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    @darrenrahnemoon LoL, IDK!

    I've actually been scrolling through linkedin a lot lately, maybe I'm getting into their world smh
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    That's Good. Best of luck
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    All the best mate. Life is too short to be filled with sadness.
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    Sounds like a solid move. The multiple stack thing really wears me out. Generally, a team with multiple stacks solving the same problems is just poorly led.
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    @fiftyhz or, just like my case, the whole team (lead and developer) is just me
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    Best of luck to you! Hope the grass is indeed greener
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