Why recruiters are sometimes taking so long to answer? I did my final stage of interview with the companie's client (out of 4 stages in total) last Thursday.

Client came back with positive feedback at Monday at the end of workday. Today is Tuesday and internal recruiter was supposed to call me to make an offer and discuss starting date.

Now again workday is nearly over and no contact from her. Tomorrow is a national holiday so she will get back to me at best on Thursday.

Goddamnit why it takes so long, if Im starting next Monday I need to prepare myself. Im seriously getting second thoughts such as even about declining the offer if they will try to lowball me. Previous week they really rushed the process and I had to do 4 stages of interviews and this week they are wasting my time. Am I being impatient or what?

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    Keep on searching.
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    Yes, you are being impatient.

    I know you are looking forward to working there and that's why it seems to you everything is going suuuper slow.

    They'll get back to you when they are ready to. If you had some date agreed on and they missed it -- ping them, remind them about yourself. HR has plenty on their hands, believe me :) you are far from being their main focus. Maybe your meeting has slipped from the schedule, maybe the hr person got sick, maybe they are stalling waiting for another candidate to complete, maybe a dog ate your application.. Lots of maybes.

    Pick up your phone and call them. Some HRs pick up even slightly after working hours
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