One thing I've learned repeatedly over the last 20 years is that companies are generally not deserving of your loyalty.

By all means, show up, apply yourself, and do your best work, that's just being a professional. But never get emotionally invested in a company you don't own.

There are really only two reasons for staying: earning or learning, ideally both. Once you have exhausted your current employer's limits in this regard, move on, you don't owe them anything.

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    HR will try to get you to "engage" with the company, to get you to do unpayed work. Do that, only if the results will benefit you first, and then the company.
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    - don’t be guilted into free work
    - don’t be bribed by false values to over work
    - don’t be guilted by perks or be swayed by them
    - shares are worth nothing if they’re free
    - shares are not worth it if they cost money and loyalty
    - money talks; incentives are great but surprise bonuses/pay rises are better
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