There is an electricians shop just outside my apartment. Their favorite thing to do is yell conversations across the parking lot in the hour after dawn.

They finally shut up an hour before I need to go into work, when it's too late to fall back asleep. Ugh.

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    I think it's a valid reason to call the police
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    @simonebogni they're within their legal rights to do so. Next time I hear them, I need to get out of bed, put a bathrobe on, and grab a prearranged note and bribe for them to shut up.

    I need to do this about every eight weeks when there isn't snow outside. Girl scout cookies work well, but aren't always available.

    Soon, I'll demote them to a sleepy phone call, but tired grumpy girl in fuzzy bathrobe works okay.
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    Try using noise-blocker headphones or something like that
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    @arthurolga while I sleep in my own home? I think not. Such things are not comfortable to sleep in.
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