There are no words to say how much I hate it when people put spaces in front of the brackets of function calls. No one ever can tell me that this would be easier to read...

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    Im more concerned about the general code formatting
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    Everything about this picture is so wrong that I now want to wash my eyes out with bleach.
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    This is from an very common library in robotics in academic environment. I don't want to talk bad about these guys, because its open source and works kind of well and I think they are far better devs as I am. Therefore I'm really glad not to be the only one beeing confused by their strange code convention.
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    @codierknecht well aslong as they got their own convention that is CONSISTENT it's fine actually
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    .... ew.
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    Try Git Hooks. If you're using Git.
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    @anup-dhabarde I'm using git , but don't know git hooks. I'll follow your hint. However, this is not our code.
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