how to get rich: step 1: sell your organs; selling your organs is a quick and efficient way to make money, the more you sell=the more you make.

step 2: tax evasion; just stop paying taxes, why give away your money when you can just keep it?

step 3: print money; why get a job when you can just print money? say goodbye to that annoying 9-5!

step 4: invest in the cryptocurrency $bigblackballs. $bigblackballs is the new bitcoin! it will take over all other cryptocurrencies in the market and make everyone rich. $bigblackballs to the moon! get on the wave while you still can.

thanks for reading, hopefully, you learned something from this tutorial!!!!

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    Pretty soon, the wealthiest among us will be those who had the good sense to stockpile food, water, toilet paper, tools, and anything else we’ll be running shortages of once Russia invades Ukraine, China invades Taiwan, gas prices soar above $5-10 a gallon, and semiconductor prices triple.
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    if you want to get rich fast only answer are guns, sex and drugs cause everything that’s legal is already fucked by people who want to get rich

    better die with a gun in your hand, with nose full of coke and someone giving you a blowjob than live 70 years and beg for food everyday

    death is nothing scary once you get used to it
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    No, the richest among us in THAT situation will be the people who had all of those resources, an organized military and the sociopathic ability to gun people down for not handing over their shit.

    Oh look, Dark Ages 2.0 Electric Boogaloo.
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    @vane I misread your post, yeah I have to agree. . .That's not the worst way to live.

    It's the life of a warrior, and I respect it. It's not the only way to live.
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    You can also invest in machines that grow organs. Then dehydrate them.
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    Nah, these organs are too valuable. I think I'm just going to build this app.
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