The it manager said that the site on my private vps where we are using a small tool as reference, is a security issue and what if it may be hacked... Well, from this point of perspective all the websites shall be switched off. The tool lovered the problem resolution from 30 to 2 minutes.. I have asked for on premise server before but noone gave a shit so I hosted on my private vps. I wont give it back for free, its a sure thing. Soon they will start to get the complains that its offline because the customer is using it for debugging too. I feel like IT and dev is really moving appart. They act as bunch of pathetic jelous guys who couldn't learn programming and ended up in installing windows on machines...

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    1 sec.
    Who pays for the vps? You?
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    I would have it installed on my vps as an poc. After they denied it i would have shut it off without an notice and then the people who are crying send them the email of the rejection.
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    Well, is the tool in any way connected to your or the customers system in a way that can harm those systems in any way other than any other computer on the internet?
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    @Voxera nah.. can't. It just have some info related to the project, but that data doesn't mean anything without involvement. Plus it is accessible after login only.
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    Don't use personal assets for Work-related stuff when you are not a Founder!!!
    If they are not ready to pay, You should be either!

    Also if shit hit the fan you could be liable...
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    Wait, so your personal VPS has data relating to something you're working on for your job?

    I'd definitely get fired for trying something like that.
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    @blindXfish it sounds like close enough to actually it could be a security issue :/

    Private vps rarely have the same monitoring and or strict underlying security.

    And if your manager only told you this and did not go ballistic over it he might actually understand your situation and if your lucky he could be an ally once those complaints start coming and help explain why you need a company server for this.

    Security minded managers are rarely the same that blocks resources, they often fight the same battle of getting enough for the level of security they would like :)

    I could be wrong though.
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