Not going insane due to lack of documentation.
In retrospect it may have been that I was still learning to properly apply and read docs so eh.

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    Nope. Its the docs. The last two weeks for example I've found critical challenges in things that just simply werent documented. By all means definitely read the docs but I immediately start getting rage mode when I sense they are way too short with not enough examples
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    @fullstackchris Man I feel that
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    @Ranchonyx like one failed to mention they needed characters escaped in JSON. Most other APIs dont as long as you encode with UTF-8. Not this one. Thanks docs for mention that -_- To spite them I always cmd+f the docs with some relevant keywords to see if it was my fault... the past two cases with two seperate libraries it wasnt.... sigh. With the bigger companies I've given up on submitting any sort of ticket
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