Why do I always forget how much work it is to get a new linux machine running? One minute I'm happy with my new Hardware the next I'm cursing it because I need to get my wifi drivers from some github account.

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    Never happened to me.
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    Wireless drivers are an issue on maybe one in three systems when I install Linux somewhere, but usually it's not a hassle to enable it.

    Have you ever tried installing Windows? From years of pain, I can tell you, unless hardware.date < WindowsVersion.first_release_date, it's *much* more difficult or even impossible. Even though Windows 7 was going to be supported for many years to come, a Samsung laptop of the Windows 8 era (not 8.1) did not have working wireless, LAN, card reader or graphics drivers. I never got the card reader to work, but my gran doesn't use it anyway so it's not a big deal. What was a big deal, were the hours I sank into getting the rest to work.

    Linux graphics drivers aren't great, but rather than installing everything other than the keyboard itself, it might have worked, perhaps with slow gfx drivers, and perhaps with wireless needing a fix. Fifteen minutes tops.
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    @luc- Yeah, got a new notebook and wanted debian on it but apparently my wifi card was not among those currently implemented. I agree that Windows is not necessarily better but spending 7 hours to even get the hardware working is a little bit nerve racking.
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