One of the guys in my uni group project accused me of bullying, shutting him out of the group, ignoring him and taking over his work. He complained to head of year, I had to have a "discussion" with head of year, welfare tutor and my personal tutor.

For supporting evidence, I brought the message he'd posted in our team Facebook group where he told me to do the thing I was doing. The discussion didn't last long, but it seemed he was unhappy with me asking questions, mean things like "I need a draft api to do my work, why don't we sit down and design it instead of the UI you're working on?"

Conclusion? He "worked on a separate project". Got to the end of the year, the whole class went for pub drinks, someone else came up to me, had been through the exact same thing, exact same person, different group project.

Group projects teach you to hate people.

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    Story time reposted from a rant comment.
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    Stop being so mean you big bully. lol

    Did the uni catch on that he was a douche?
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    "Group projects teach you to hate people"

    This is their purpose, to prepare you for real life in the real working environment
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    @Demolishun I dunno, I didn't get any more grief from him so as far as I was concerned, problem solved.
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    group projects generate hate faster than playing uno. at least in uno when someone fucks you over they get something out of it so you get it
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