Hello DevRant,
I need your help
I'm currently studying Game design and development first year in The Netherlands and I love programming but I hate designing. I was thinking about changing the course to something like Ethical Hacking or Computer science. The reason why I want to do this is that they teach us openfl until second year and I feel like I learn nothing until now.
Do you think would be better to change the course or to stay but start programming in something else? And what programming language would you recommend?
P.s. I also want to apply for a part time job/summer school to gain experience but I had no luck at all.
P.s.s. You are the best community for me!
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    @g-m-f I think the same but if I want to change the course I have to change the university/country and that's the most difficult part tbh. Thank you for your advise/opinion!
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    I can recommend ethical hacking as I find it very interesting myself. But listen to the guys up ^^. Also, goedemiddag en welkom!
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    Game Designers are in vast oversupply. If you aren't sure, just get out of there. It'll be a lot easier finding good jobs in a related field (some other kind of development I'd say, given you're currently doing game design and like the programming side of things).
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