Are there any working developers in Atlanta Georgia or surrounding areas, that knows if their company or organization is hiring. I am an entry level developer that is still in school and would like to get my foot in the door before I graduate.

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    What year are you in? Try for an internship with Southwest Airlines. It's a paid internship, if you can get it. You'll have go to Dallas, but they help you with living expenses if you get accepted.
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    I am a junior I would guess. I'm doing a accelerated program where I will be in school for 2 and a half years. I graduate March next year. I wish I could get up and go but I just bought a house (literally signed the 10 of March. I was hoping that there be anything for Atlanta.
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    @knosence yep, a mortgage will tie you down. There are a lot of companies in the Atlanta area. It's a good city to live in, if you are in tech.
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