Judge me all you want,
I don't think JavaScript is a good programming language and it should be improved in newer versions. Babel seems promising but still.......

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    You are mixing things.. You like babel? Good, then you like es6, you know, that javascript update that you are so anxiously waiting for. It's there already for quite a long time. People use it already. But as usual for front-end websites you still need backward compatibility for older browsers.
    So now you see it's not javascript you should hate but just people not updating there older browsers.

    Here's a good article you should read.:

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    Literally what Jerre said, except the link is outdated and ES7 is out, ES8 is being worked on
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    It's just that sometimes the new versions makes the old ones obsolete and legacy apps break
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    @itch96 Except it doesn't. The only major breaking change* recently is that unhandled rejected promises now throw. Like they should.

    Unless you are talking about particular frameworks, in which case it's not the language, but your tooling.

    * that would actually affect end users. TC39 and the node foundation have been incredibly good at not fucking legacy code over.
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    That said, there are new methods available that makes some of your old code look less smart than it used to, but it isn't obsolete just because it can be done smarter. :)
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