Why do programmers have multiple monitors? Cause i'm new in programming so idk itπŸ˜‚

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    One monitor is for coding, one monitor is to view, one monitor is for 9gag and another one is for DevRant πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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    Atom on one screen, api references on the other.
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    Coz the other one playing youtube when you need some mood booster :D
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    IDE on one side, info on other side.

    Productivity may be increased as well as decreased.
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    Well I prefer to have my bigger screen (that is also my tv) as the main screen when working, and my laptop as "support", on a vertical setting (I have to move up-down, the tv is on the wall and the tablet in right below it on a table). Though the TV doesn't have the best resolution, it works well enough for me. I keep the IDE on the tv screen, and my laptop has the browser or some docs I need to check, and a YT tab with some music on :)
    It also works really well when playing, as I play on the bigger screen and keep YT on my laptop and it's easier to switch songs/creepypastas/stories while playing πŸ˜‚
    Right now I can't do any of that because my PC is on repair so I have to check my subjs on my tablet and phone, and I can't really code, and there are tests and projects coming, which sucks πŸ˜” if I'm lucky is ready in about 2w, after I get back from easter break 😬 until then I'm stuck with that
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    Well, one monitor for ide and another one for stackoverflow
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    One for atop one for ide one for browser
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    I develop websites, and for me it's practical to have the design on one screen, my code on another and a browser on the third screen.
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    IDE on one screen, wiki on another. Would like to have more for googling and putty
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    I have 3 monitors at work, one usually has IM, and there's always a combo of cli terminals, folder explorers, text editors, ide's, browsers, rdp sessions...I wouldn't mind a fourth monitor tbh!!!
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    One Monitor for "Research"
    One Monitor for Development
    One Monitor for SSH
    One Monitor for scolding my colleague for causing a git conflict hell
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    @kaqqao I actually find it faster to move my eyes than press few keys.
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    [StackOverflow] [Notepad++] [Google]

    My monitors are always in that order.
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    Facebook, youtube, minesweeper

    Jk, in my case is web browser/web inspector/code editor
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    I really like having multiple monitors when I need more than one editor. For example while learning unreal 4 it was usefully to be able to have unreal, visual Studio, and chrome open at the same time. That way I don't have to switch open applications.
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    Editor in the centre, ide console and make targets to the left, browser/documentation/email/explorer/etc to the right
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    Hate being tethered to a desk. Just me and my laptop a for about 2 years now.
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    Virtual desktops and multiple monitors were both good for me, however windows virtual deaktops sux so it's only a linux solution (and maybe mac, never used one)
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    [Slack, Postman, Spotify & a collection of more or less random programs that happen to be open at the time] [IDE & Terminal] [Chrome incl. chats, email, utilities, StackOverflow and all kinds of random tabs/Firefox with localhost:XXXX and usually nothing else (I find that Firefox dev edition has the best dev tools)] - usually in that order, unless I have only two screens, and then the leftmost and rightmost screens get merged
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