I'm getting tired of coding. Not really the coding part, the dealing with people who tell me what to code and why part. Sort of considering making a move into a scrum master or PM role just so I can get fired when I say "No, we're not changing everything they've been working on in the middle of the sprint" or maybe "Yeah, no we're not going to put in a bunch of tickets to change the UI/UX without first talking to the designers, because that's what they do. Yes, I realize we aren't Facebook, but do you realize we "compete" with them because a huge number of people will compare our usability to theirs? (even if just subconsciously)"

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    Hi yes we have a PM who isn’t aligned with our strategy of “ do whatever the fuck the CTO is yelling about loudest without any questions”, I was hoping to put in a request for a PIP
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    Looks like it’s time for you to start your own business bud.
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    Create your own company and product
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