For those not familiar with it.

So, just how do you stop mobbing from spreading ?

I don't know the answer, all I can see if perhaps to spot it happening, as it does with a single individual who spouts hate towards you when you disagree with them, and then that hate is taken up by others who see you as a weak target, and then others follow too..

Kinda reminds me of a war..

Maybe that is what drives some in conflicts, being influenced by others.

Just yesterday I saw someone I had known and chatted to for 30+ years, suddenly turn into an aggressive hate spieling identity with no ability to think for themselves.

I left the situation, so that their hate may be directed at someone else, and perhaps others might see that they are the hater, intent on picking on the weakest in the herd.

But of course, I can't do that all the time, or else, where will I find intelligent conversation between folk who can be civil about disagreements, and allow exploring the problem space, and solution space together.

Rather than just trading insults like simple mammals who throw poop at each other.

So, any advice ?

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    I also just did a test post elsewhere here to determine if this place is the peace loving environment I think it is, or if it too is prone to mobbing behaviour if you happen to disagree with the vocal populists.

    At least it will be worth of study.
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    Kinda reminds you of a war? You do realise that there are DR members who are facing actual war right now? Being called out for such shitposting isn't mobbing. It's trying to get some sense into you.
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    Hey, if you have some gossip to share - that is why i am on DevRant. So feel free to post it...
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    So, anyone who disagrees with a view is a 'shitposter' ?

    I see this in nuclear reactor designing circles, people getting all bent of shape because someone suggests their reactor design isn't as good as a different one.

    Where did our reasoned debate skills go ?

    Shouldn't we all be listening to the other side, and hearing what they have to say, so that we might stand a chance to change our mind about how we think the world works.

    This means both sides have to listen, and both sides get a chance to present their evidence on why they think the world works like it does.

    Then we might have some handle on how to fix things for the better and prevent conflicts.

    I notice most conflicts tend to occur because someone wants what their neighbour has, and takes it by force.

    Wouldn't it be better if we worked with our neighbour to help them get what they want, at the same time as getting what we want.

    Assuming we can both have what we want..
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    @Nanos Did you read and try to understand what I wrote? No, you didn't. You just keep blabbering on and on because you have a general tendency to replace thinking with typing.
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    There is a war going on. It is much bigger than the war in Ukraine. It is a global conflict. It is being fought in media and internet social channels. It it what is known as 5th generational warfare:


    This war has been waging hard for a few years. The prize is the entire planet. I believe the Russian/Ukraine conflict is a kinetic piece of that same war. I also expect China to take Taiwan as part of this. The crescendo will be some kind of global threat, possibly nuclear weapons. What happens then I am unsure. I hope THAT does not go kinetic.

    I will not say what I think is happening as I am very confused about the information I have gathered. There are as many theories as there are answers.

    Don't expect a warm welcome for competing ideas to the MSM narrative here. The hypnosis is thick here, as well as most places.
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    you don't stop it. because we ARE simple mammals throwing poop at each other. only our poop is nuclear.

    we are not "homo sapiens" - the wise man.

    we're at best "pan narrans" - the story-telling ape; and too many our stories are "us vs. them".

    but most likely, we're only "pan bellum". war is, sadly, the biggest constant in our history, after all.
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    @Nanos I'll try to be the sense of reason here.

    To answer your question if you can stop mobbing from spreading. No, most probably not. mobbing isn't a disease that needs to/can be stopped using a vaccine. I personally don't engage in mobbing and I've been a target of it on discord many times though honestly I have thick enough skin to fight it back or ignore it. I find the best way to handle this is to focus only on the original person you were talking to and ignore everyone else around.

    Mobbing happens everywhere and for all sorts of reasons: boredom, "us" vs "them" mentality, echo-chambers, A misplaced feel of power or righteousness. The worst of it always happens in fast moving media like Discord and Twitter. Slow moving boards like forums or DevRant can't usually get enough traction and cooperation to cause a mob. It's also important to distinguish a mob from genuine individual opinions of many people that just happen to align ofc.
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    The "Kinda reminds me of war" comment you made is kinda in bad taste in the current situation, so you can surely understand why the others are annoyed by that. That being said I will look past that for the sake of progressive discourse here.

    Mobbing is very different from war. For one, especially when talking about the online space, it's superfluous. One "only" suffers mental anguish and stress. Unlike traditional bullying, mobbing usually involves very little violence if any. It can get physical but usually doesn't devolve into attacks as mobbing is also a group manipulation technique rather than an attack. War on the other hand is a very direct confrontation. It's not only a threat but also actual violence. You don't wage war just to intimidate (though it can be part of it) you do it to actually conquer and gain control over land/situation. Very different motivations behind starting a war and insulting someone over their opinions.
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    Finally, if none of these options work, you may need to resort to physical force. Grabbing the individual who is causing the problem and throwing him/her out of the area.
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    @Hazarth Thanks for giving the first answer that actually responds to the poster's message. You tried to explain your opinion without being aggressive or immediately redirecting to a topic that interests you more. I liked it, even though I don't feel very connected to the topic.
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    @Fast-Nop I did try to understand what you wrote, and I thought I did !

    Could you try and put it another way so I might better understand you.
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    I have thick enough skin to fight it back or ignore it. I find the best way to handle this is to focus only on the original person you were talking to and ignore everyone else around.


    Thick skin too, but these days I find if I ignore it, it just gets bigger and bigger, until...

    If I fight back, I reach the until stage a little earlier..

    Until = Someone complains that you said something that they can get you banned for.

    So for now, I just leave that area of the internet and don't engage anyone there.

    As such, the number of useful forums I'm in is slowly shrinking..
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    It's also important to distinguish a mob from genuine individual opinions of many people that just happen to align ofc.



    I think that can be quite difficult, but since the people involved in my current example are all folk I've been chatting to for 30+ years, and we all kinda know each other very well.

    To suddenly see one of them become this Hyde person, is quite strange.

    It happened just a few hours after the first mobbing post someone who hates me did, which appeared then to infect several others, who previously had been very civil minded in discussions about everything under the sun for decades !

    I see the same thing when I'm not in a forum, where they pick on specific others repeatedly.
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    The "Kinda reminds me of war" comment you made is kinda in bad taste in the current situation, so you can surely understand why the others are annoyed by that.


    Really ! I had no idea it would be taken in bad taste at all.

    I mean, there is a war going every day someplace in the world, surely that couldn't be in bad taste every day ?

    But I guess if folk are particularly overly sensitive, they will be annoyed by practically anything these days.

    I'd better not say anything here either, in case I upset someone and get banned.
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    @Nanos you probably wont get banned here. But you'll get comments annoyed by it. As long as that's fine with you it should be ok!
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    Mobbing can be a prelude to war.

    It starts with words, and then actions that impact on the mobbed lives.

    No one offers them a job, because all the mobbers hate them.

    I'm reminded of a friend of mine who suffered that for a few years, before taking his own life from the stress of it.

    Not just the stress you understand, but how all those folks ruined his potential life by stopping anyone from helping him.

    I can understand why he got mobbed, he was bright and a threat to the mobbers economically and genetically, so they squeezed him out of existence.

    They appear to pick on the weakest in the group, and once that person is gone, they go for the next weakest..
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    I'll take the cautious route, since this place is quite useful for information/advice.

    FX [ Goes into silent mode. ]
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    @Nanos You know, war like in, not feeling bad or unwanted. War like in, bombs falling from the sky, blasting houses including their inhabitants apart, bullets flying around and killing people.

    This is what some DR members are or will be witnessing shortly, and you do know that if you have followed even the tiniest amounts of news.

    Putting war and mobbing as comparison together like that is such an asshole move that even I find it objectionable, and that takes A LOT.

    At best, it shows that you're so chock full of yourself that you don't understand it - which is ironic because what you complain about is basically lack of empathy.
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    @Fast-Nop A perfect example of trying to insight mobbing !
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    I notice in another social media platform, that it has now become infected with a vocal minority who gang up and mob anyone who doesn't agree with their world view.

    As such, customers are leaving, and saying why !

    How long before the site becomes an archaeological footnote in history I wonder.

    Are we destined to see all social media outlets follow the same route ?

    Since it looks like its happening here already !

    I haven't even began to disagree with anything, but merely said something that someone got super sensitive about.

    Reminds me of:


    Pity all those Zeitgeist members now hiding their Z's !
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    I was reading this earlier:



    One of my favorite quotes from the book:

    "Talking is always the first step toward collaborating. Once a man starts talking, there is no escape from more talking. And the more he talks, the grater his guilt and anxiety. These have very important psychological results. His guilt and anxiety absorb a lot of his psychic energy, which makes him less able to cope with the normal stresses and strain of prison life. His whole personality tends to disintegrate."


    But if you remain silent, like bullies at school you try to ignore, they don't stop, or go away, they just infect others to behave badly towards you.

    Perhaps that is some countries today, sick of being bullied by other countries.

    So, no answers, apart from, avoid places that such bullies hang out in, which I guess is what everyone else does..

    Not so easy if they are your neighbour of course . . .
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    I'm also reminded of this interview, which I thought contained some useful advice on the issue.



    Gaddafi's son_ Libya like McDonald's for NATO - fast war as fast food.mp4


    Only trouble was, in the end, the advice didn't work !

    Reminds me of Facebook, which for all its poor design aspects, does at least have a functional "block" feature, so everyone can learn to live with each other, by not seeing what the other person says !

    So, does that work in stopping mobbing, because the mobber can't see what their victim is saying, and can't comment on their posts ?

    So, Facebook has the answer then..

    At least between users..
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