Dev walked out of the bathroom stall (I can only assume it was the #2), only washed one hand.
One hand under the auto-soap dispenser, then kinda rinsed the soap off. The other hand never got involved.

That seems weird to me.

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    I have heard professionals poop, wipe, and walk out. No wash at all.

    Also, some people have soap allergies. But they should still make an effort.

    Personally I have to double wash just to make sure. Sometimes you don't get all the shit off.
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    Owner of the company I worked for never washed their hands after taking a nasty shit.

    Every time they would shake hands on a deal I would imagine flakes of their poop going home with these poor fuckers.

    I immediately would go into the bathroom and dry heave.

    Some people are just nasty fuckers.
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    @sariel "nasty shit" indeed
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