everytime when i meet with my friends and they ask me if what course i'm currently taking and of course i'm gonna answer back "IT"

(~) what i say in my mind

statements that will suddenly pop into conversation

-"can you (reformat, fix, update, etc.) my pc/laptop"

-"wow smart"
~oh stahp it, youuu

-"don't forget to treat us when you graduate, i heard jobs in your field have great salaries"
~gezzus i'm still a student and i am struggling, then you want me to treat you.

-"hey man, can you build me a website (for free)"
~yea dude, let me ask genie to snap that wish of yours

-"oh so you must be good with computers?"
~yea i treat them well, i tell them bedtime stories and feed them with milk and cookies

~the long silence makes this even more awkward

-"hey man, i code and design too, maybe we can work together"
~for sure

-"how many coffee?"
~i truly found my mate.

these are some of the statements i've encountered, what's yours?

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