In a sprint planning meeting, tickets are supposed to be detailed prior right? Right? So why are people asking basic "what are we supposed to be doing in this ticket?" questions in this meeting? I proposed doing these meetings and as soon as the concept got hijacked I knew this was going to happen, but damn it I had hope.

And I am so sick of my product manager not knowing the product. These meetings go so fucking cock-eyed because this woman can't be bothered to know the damn product. At all.

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    Planning is used to estimate each ticket in points, or time. That estimation is agreed upon by all members if the delivery team, and then added to the sprint. Rough estimations can be done prior to the Planning, but if the delivery team does not agree to the estimation, then the ticket should be removed from the sprint.
    If there is not enough information in the ticket to get an agreed estimation, you can start doing grooming sessions, and/or, add a new ticket with "gather requirments"/"design solution"/"estimate that thing" instead of the actual ticket. Then resolve the problem, and add the actual ticket in the next sprint.

    Pm has to deliver its part of the task specs, and get the delivery team to agree, or the task will forever be stuck in the design stage.
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    @magicMirror exactly. We have grooming meetings where we're supposed to be all of this. But our PM really likes throwing new shit out there right at planning and talking us to death about it. Then doesn't know what the fuck she is talking about and keeps us sitting there for a million years because she runs the meeting too.
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    Use the next planning session to teach her how to do her job. Seriously - A sprint planning session should never have surprizes in it. The PM and scrum master (or equivevlent) job is to reduce the surprize factor to a minimum. If that does not work, then request to send the PM to Agile Training. The BDSM varient.
    Surprizes will happen anyway, but after the sprint starts.
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