Gitlab vs Github. Your thoughts?

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    Gitlab unlimited private repos for free
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    GitLab, the main reason are the free private repos
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    Gitlab lost a shit ton of data a while ago... Github is well maintained and unless you need a billion repos its good.
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    @pedro-abreu They lost about 6 hours in the end. They made a mistake which also partly saved them anyways.

    But about the question/!rant, personally I like gitlab more!
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    @pedro-abreu Also, welcomes much!
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    Well, depends. For your own projects, gitlab I guess. But if you want the audience, github is still better.
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    Clients and secret missions: gitlab.

    Collab and exposure: github.
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    Gitlab for private repos. Gitlab CI just works. Host your own though to save you from gitlab.com downtime and beta updates.

    Github for your gems and public stuff
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    I personally prefer to store everything at home, so im just running gogs on my BananaPi with incremental backups, fine for me :)
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    GitHub is a bit faster and probably a bit more robust, however: GitLab seems like the better piece of software nowadays. It's closer to having all the tools you'd need for software development, and since it's open source you could very easily run it on your own servers. Hell - if you make yourself a Kubernetes cluster, it's practically one command to roll out a private Gitlab + Mattermost setup. Most people won't need this, but the option is great if you are bootstrapping a potential business.
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    I personally prefer gitlab
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    Github 4 opensource and Gitlab 4 private stuff
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    Gitlab : self-host is pain...
    Github : cost bucks to host private repos.
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