What is your most favorite CS Book or one that influenced you a lot and why/how?

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    hands down. This one made the most impact on how I understand development in general. I didn't have the luxury of learning ASM in uni, like most of you did, so this book explained me those concepts incredibly well. Ever since I'm writing programs for computers, not for users/clients/managers.
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    @netikras Thanks for sharing! 😊
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    Head First Design Patterns

    I kinda' knew about various patterns from an academic point of view, but never really felt I could use them in the 'real world'.

    After reading and implementing the various patterns (decorator, strategy, command, etc) my code became more concise and intentional.

    For example, right now, I'm needing to gather data from different systems/locations and implementing the strategy pattern, I can have 1:N testable classes instead of one massive 'god' class (GetThis...GetThat...GetThatOtherThing..etc).

    Already paid off because my project started with 3 'data gather-ers' and it's up to 7 and the only code changed was adding/injecting the providers. Bugs are fixed within minutes vs. hours of digging around a 1,000+ line 'god' class.
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    @PaperTrail Thanks for sharing! The Head First books also have quite the covers 😄
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    @coffeedrinker > "The Head First books also have quite the covers"

    Yea, I wish they wouldn't do that.

    I know marketing departments attempt to trigger the lizard part of our sex-obsessed brains, but, IMO, putting a pretty girl on the cover makes me avoid it.

    Kinda like when companies hired 'booth babes' at tech conferences. No...no thank you.
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    Unit testing, principles, practices and patterns by Vladimir Khorikov.


    Cause nothing is more important than testing.
    It is the thing that makes your code quality ten times more, and development ten times faster.

    Live for the testing
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    @darkwind Don't let the testing consume you 😥
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    @coffeedrinker too late my dear friend, too late
    I am having it already fully automatized with pipeline
    to run unit tests, redeploying to staging environment and running automatically integration tests.
    In a future I should add more tests for the god of tests!
    Performance testing, acceptance testing!
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    @darkwind Nevermind. 😅 Then I hope you are enjoying your time.
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    @coffeedrinker I do, I do. It is like an addiction.
    You see those green things, that pipeline is green and all stages are passed, and you are filled with determination, that everything goes right!
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