Git commits with messages like `bug fixed`, `feature added` etc

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    At least you don't use "." as commit message. I have seen this...
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    @theZorgEffect well now that you gave me that idea.......
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    I definitely do this too, but it's worse because I make the commit super general because I'm fixing something that should have never been an issue and I'm embarrassed.
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    What would be best practise here? Are there certain tips on how to describe changes and bug fixes?
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    @Dollique our project manager is very strict, she wants a short sentence beginning with a capital letter in present tense. Example: Fix bug with this specific thing.
    I think it depends between projects and people though, but it's nice to have them consistant.
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    @Dollique my team came with few standards of our own. We use tags like bugfix, feature, cleanup, documentation. Each commit is one task item.
    -Bugfix: security vulnerability in JWT fixed by adding another layer of encryption
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