To be honest, I'm not as excited as I was 6-7 years ago when our tech industry seen a big leap, where these ML/Deep Learning algorithms were out performing humans, Apache Spark out perfomed Hadoop in distributed computing, Docker/Kubernetes are the new phenomenon in software development and delivery, Microservices architecture, ReactJS virtual DOM concepts were so cool.

Really though, I've come realise that these software trends come and go. All you need to do is adapt and go with the flow.

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    To be fair, 6-7 years ago we were much Younger. Trends are more fun to follow when you have excess motivation still. Not sure about your age and I don't want to assume, but 6 years ago I was still in Uni and back then everything was fun. Now only some things are still kinda fun
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    Don't follow trends. Use stuff that is well tests and reliable. I hate it that in IT, so much good things are replaced by the newest trend that needs much more resources, has a complexity nobody can grasp and is filled with security holes.

    If something (A programming language, a library, a program) is not at least 10-20 years old, i don't use it professionally and i don't use the newest version.
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    No code / low code: Because I love watching the implementations fail horribly and the company having to hire tons of programmers to get something working anyway.
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