Behold! This is the first time in my career when Jest and unit testing in general actually helped me 😂

Spent two days moving from a fucking slow piece of crap called Gatsby to Vite, trying to comprehend the difference between TS aliases, Babel aliases and Linaria aliases. Found an answer inside a totally unrelated issue explaining Jest stuff, good job on documentation, Linaria!

Vite is fast. Crazy fast. Forget about Webpack, Parcel and things alike — Vite doesn't even need to bundle JS.

Gatsby was slow to the point of my computer's audio glitching, I'm not even talking about the OS interface lags.

Vite is fast to the point that I don't actually need a new MacBook.

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    Vite is bliss, I've been using Rollup for a long while now but the dev server and other features really pad it out into a perfect all-round solution.
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