VS2022 is an abomination......

I was forced to put the whole team on 2019 ansd remove all .net 6....


It's like vs2010 which we all skipped.

I'll wait for VS 2024 at this point...

can't work. "Changed a file" ? Oh wait i'll just recompile whole solution for 3 minmutes at EACH FUCKING FILE CHANGE.

VS2019 9Same project) : 0.2 seconds.

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    Literally have uset it for the last two weeks for some C# project and had no issues 🤔
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    @iiii Is your project over million lines of code ?

    VS2022 is blazing fast for small project, fuck, console apps are starting verty fast.

    But when it comes to real live p[rojects, it's a pure shit they produced
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    @iiii And don't forget they CUT functionality :

    Before : Doing a quick search in solution explorer would bring methods and files.

    Now : Only searching file names and it's fucking slow
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    I have used VS2022 since release - so far no big issues. Bit less laggy than 2019, fires up a bit quicker.. I think it's been an improvement.
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    I have slowly been shifting to VS2022 and no major issues so far... Will keep you posted when I crash and burn :)
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    @NoToJavaScript no, it's not large, but a rather small WinForms project
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    Sorry, but I love vs2022 mostly:

    First 64bit VS ever
    Updated dark mode
    .net 6
    Submodule support (!)
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    @jaylord Yes, I love it too.

    But it just makes work so slow....
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