So, I am currently on Spring Break, and what do I do when I am on Spring Break: I take a moment to experiment with different languages. This time, I decided to check out Objective C since it mixes up two languages that I love dearly (but that I do not use outside of academic endeavors) which are C and Smalltalk.

Going around the net I found this https://github.com/Flying-Toast/...

Notice: I have nothing against Swift, I stopped developing apps for IOS back when Swift was in its infancy, so I was forced to use Objective C and tbh I never had an issue with it, I had learned it before through GNUStep, the language was obviously strange when I started learning it, but I did not hate it, I tried following Swift to see if I could use it at least in some portions, but at the time of its release it was still pretty much beta for me, so I passed. I feel it is much better now, but the issues with the language at this point in time I feel are more from the side of XCode which can either be just ok, good or an absolute piece of shit depending on the release. Either way, I found the link to be funny.

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    Wtf, what a failure. And most of those aren't even difficult problems but just sheer stupidity.

    Does anyone use this language?
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    @electrineer it seems to have a rather large following, but the few IOS devs that I have met are all using Objective C, and to be quite frank they are all extremely good developers, one of them eventually turned Apple development into a side Job, concentrated on the C side of things and became an embedded developer. That is something that I certainly appreciate from Obj C and not something I can say about Swift.

    I don't mind Swift, but I honestly think Obj C to be a more interesting language, both in practice and historically
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