In a continuation of my previous rant:
Alright KVM is running.

First devrant post from my Windows inside my Linux with dedicated pass-through graphics card. So far, looks like it's working.

Installing Horizon Zero Dawn to gage gaming performance. But it looks promising. With a stylish button on desk that switches between Windows and Linux.

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    How is the performance? I've been wanting to try this too but afraid the performance would be super bad due to virtual disk speeds.
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    @ilikeglue Not good enough yet. I could play, but not what I was used to. But I have lot of performance stuff still to do.

    Next I am going to set up hugepages. But guess I will only have time for that in roughly two weeks.

    Oh, and I use a real SSD as my hard drive. Just passed it through, too.

    Here's the guide I am following: https://heiko-sieger.info/running-w...
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