I have this pact with my neighbor - if someone delivers a package to them, I knock on their door when I notice it to let them know and if they don’t answer, I take it into my apartment and leave a note. Same goes if she or her kids see a package delivered for us and we don’t answer.

So last month, we have a flooding incident in our complex and her flat’s damaged so they have to leave to stay at a hotel for a bit. It’s only supposed to be until the 20th (of last month).

So when she gets a package a few weeks ago, I knock and when there’s no answer, take it into my apartment and leave a note.

Note stays on the door for days.

And then it disappears, so I assume she’s home.

But she never answers the door.

And then I see workers in her place.

So now I don’t know if it’s the workers who picked up the note or if she was back and I missed her.

But it’s been a couple of weeks and I’m starting to worry about her. Like, the day of the flood she almost died and I ended up coming over to help (getting her oldest to do CPR, talking to 911, trying to keep people calm), so I know she’s not feeling great lately.

And I’m the kind of idiot that never thought to exchange numbers.

So I’ve resorted to internet stalking and messaging her on Facebook.

And knocking on the downstairs neighbor’s door since I know they’re related. They didn’t answer. I’ll try again later.

I have no idea what else to do. I mean, I don’t think I can contact the office and be like “Can you please provide me contact information for my neighbor? I have their stuff. Thanks.”


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    Be calm.

    I mean it's not like anyone cared for the package till now.

    It's secure with you and maybe they have more "important" stuff going at the moment.

    If I understood correctly, you left a note.

    Nothing more you could do. Just keep the package safe and be done.
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    @IntrusionCM Totally fair. Just feels awkwardtastic. 😅
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    WOO! She responded on FB. They’re fine! The building just STILL isn’t finished with her apartment. *relieved*
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    @AmyShackles Great news :)

    Yes, it is awkward... I usually take packages for neighbors, too, hence I know that feeling. XD

    But more than writing a letter and putting it in the post box isn't possible.

    Sending back is an alternative, but that's usually more hassle than necessary.
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