My employer doesn't allow us to use Linux; I have to use MacOS because "Windows is sooooo bad".
Fucking hell I'd choose Windows every day if the year over this garbage fucking OS

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    Welcome to the club
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    Lmao what? If you're not specifically developing iOS apps/features, why can't you use Linux?
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    really? i cant stand mac. cant do shit about hotkeys or changing keyboard layout, OS resets shit and hijacks keys and ignores any changes.

    can't move windows above certain bounds, again, bc OS doesn't allow that.

    VM doesnt work on Mac, again, bc OS hijacks shit and cant seem to handle key swapping between VM and grabbing fuking input

    windows i was able to config. strip down. remap keys ffs. VMs actually grab input and behave like i expect

    (also: no one ever knows when you image your PC and run that in a VM with linux host LOL)
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    @swagnette Because corporate IT policy whatever BS. They probably don't even know that linux exists.
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    At least you don’t need to use windows, it’s a minor victory hehe
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    MacOS was made for babies, lol. Apple won't let you change any advanced settings or edit the system files.
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    Why though? MacOS is honestly pretty good, especially compared to windows. It's not sandboxed to shit like iOS and it's unix, so...
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    Welcome to working in corporate America lol
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    It's quite normal in the corporate world. If everyone's setup is the same, automation is easier and the difference between dev environments consumes fewer working hours. Problems arise when
    - the company expects me to bring my own anything that's compatible with their infrastructure
    - provided equipment is such poor quality it's a health risk, such as Macbook keyboards
    - IT fails to manage their own infra effectively, gives random people excessive privileges to hide it and the environments start to diverge slowly enough to keep working _most of the time_
    - Some people in high level engineering positions are allowed to choose their own OS, and they start picking frameworks that don't work well with the broader company infra. IT then moves that team to a different OS and the horrid transition period from platform-as-standard to standard-as-platform begins where nothing works but there are no guidelines for internal tools to support everything.
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    May be I am not a good developer but I choose macbook over linux. And never found a problem with it. it serves every need that I have until now. Java, javascript, golang, php, docker, docker compose, mysql, postgres, aws things, google cloud things. I guess it should serve good for a normal 8-16 programmer. May I am just a developer who develops clients solutions like Apis using tried and tested methods, tools, libraries and frameworks. I have even seen people comfortably developing android apps in macbooks. May be your work is different that needs linux? Windows is a shit only for .net though
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    Did you propose Ubuntu or Arch?
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    I'm ok with it but yeah I'm almost twice as productive on Linux
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