When building a new pc...

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    WTF?! PCs are literally the easiest computing devices to assemble. Did you ever assembled a laptop or a phone? That crap can be finnicky.
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    @Oktokolo imagine if it does not power on after building it.
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    @Oktokolo after cleaning laptop's fan from dust i somehow damaged keyboard connection lanes, several keys became unusable
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    Probably just a loosened connector. Check both connections of the cable between mainboard and keyboard. Might want to reconnect at both sides if you don't find the error by visual inspection.
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    If absolutely nothing happens, it can only be mainboard or power supply. Power supplies should provide standby power even when the board is "off". You can measure that and proceed from there. You can also emulate a working board by shorting two pins of the ATX plug (would have to google it myself, but shouldn't be hard to find) - the fan starts spinning if the power supply goes into full-on state.

    Boards have countless LEDs, and fan connectors, that get powered if the board starts up. Sometimes there even is a LED that indicates standby power presence.

    In any case, you can test components one by one by switching with known-good ones from another machine...

    But most often, it is just a forgotten cable.
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    the moment when nothing happens because you forgot to flip the switch on the PSU
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    @Oktokolo tried everything, but it's same damn keys that don't work everytime. But it doesn't matter because later the screen just glitched and the display don't work anymore, maybe gpu fried itself and when using the external display the picture is in glitch strips. Probably memory problems. Tried to use it as long running storage web server but it shut down after overheating, unusable garbage at this point.
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    It is actually true since that time Amazon sent me a broken motherboard, I had to tear down another computer to troubleshoot and after testing all components I realized it was that...
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    @Pogromist If it is a Macbook, Louis Rossmann probably has a video online where he fixes your exact problem (but he got tons of component-level board repair videos, so you might have to scroll for a week)...

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    A faulty fan blew a chip on my new motherboard, got it rebuilt now and I'm probably going to spend the next 2 weeks watching the RPMs and temps like a hawk before i get a graphics card.
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