I feel bad for bootcampers. Their schools tell them to apply for a job even if they don’t have all the qualifications because they will learn on the job. That’s fine if you’re applying for an upgrade in the same career path. But when you’re changing careers, a lot of jobs don’t necessarily have time to invest in you like that.

I do have respect for those who DM me on Slack and ask if the job is open to new bootcamp grads. At least they are taking the initiative to ask and not sulking that they’re not good enough.

I tell them “this role requires experience in x. If you have that, then apply” because I don’t actually know they’re not qualified.

I was like them before. It’s hard to get the first job and sometimes it’s a lot of luck. But the first job will make getting the next one easier.

At least they’re not recruiters trying to convince me to pay them to fill the role.

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    Sorry to say: bootcamps are for suckers mostly. Software development is more than programming languages.
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