So my company says they are paying the market rate, and I should be grateful about it. When I went for interviews at "some big companies", I got offers from 2 different companies with the annual pay x2.5 of what I am getting here.

My current company mentality is so shitty that they only want to hire undergrads or people from oversea so they can pay less.

I do not even know what my fucking role is at this point, I do DevOps, I fucking do infra, I also do SRE shit, then I also write fucking code for servers. Yet my pay is slightly less than just "dev" working at good companies. Fuck my company, I am leaving soon.

I am not the only one in the shit show here, our PM also has to write code because most of our developers left. Most of the time, CTO is not even in the office, the company is basically run by some managements below CTO.

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    If you got offered 2.5x your current salary at two other companies, what the hell are you doing where you are then?
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    @devdiddydog I signed a contract with one of them now, I am resigning today from the current company. The funny thing is both companies gave me about 1-2k more than what I asked for.

    It is just a bit troublesome with a work visa because I am a foreigner.
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    @pokerface may I ask in what country the most offering company is from?
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    I find when companies say "Market rate" it can vary. Sometimes they're comparing to the specific area of the country (most big tech jobs might be in a larger city)
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    I find that when a company refers to how they match the "market rate" they are trying to excuse a salary as low as possible.

    If they pay well they have no need to show a comparison.

    To the OP: good on you for moving on!
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- The company I signed with is a social media company started from Asia and another company is from the US.
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