devops - im sick of everyone mis-using this term

it seems like everyone in the industry (even famous ppl and youtubers, not just recruiters) have clung to this word and use it as a blanket statement and it pisses me off. two parts of the word, dev (you know, development) and ops (operations, keeping shit going). yet ppl use this whenever there's more than one machine being used or something. like it's in aws must be devops, it's a cluster of machines must be devops, it's a lot of ci/cd so it's clearly devops.

if youre not keeping a system alive, debugging it, fixing errors in the environment -and- creating said environment then using the operations work to influence your development, how is it devops?

you made a build server with some kind of orchestration tool. how is that deovps?

you have a ci/cd pipeline that's in aws. how is that devops?

you built a cloud cluster in aws/gcp/azure but hand it off to another team that monitors it and pokes and prods. how is that devops?

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    IT specialist. Just to blanket cover anyone 😂
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    I maintain every server, deployment, pipeline and what not at our company. I call myself a DevOps guy sometimes
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    You must be a Scrum engineer to work on our project.
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    I maintain a multi minecraft instance server at home...

    <Opens CV to remove "devops" experience... Crying in my coffee...>

    Lol, so it helping with the server than runs git devops then? What if I am a casual devops? I maintain codebases for clients using various tools I setup to use. Isn't that devops? I installed an IDE, devops. I setup all my build environments, devops.
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    @Demolishun I once used three Computers at once, one word: devops
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    Chad: I had 2 chicks at once.

    Dev Chad: I had a whole server room to myself.
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    let’s made up couple new positions for it people so they can feel important and don’t leave us cause we pay shit
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    Loads of places I know just use it in place of "ops" because they think it's a sexier term or something, really irks me.

    "Oh no we only do the development part, we pass it to the devops team for deployment and production management"

    "Oh, do they do dev work too then?"

    "No of course not, they're the devops team."
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    Maybe I’m wrong but didn’t devops always mean setting up the dev env? Like gitlab instance, confluence setup installation of specific tools on it, jenkins and the connection of it to gitlab etc.?

    I mean if you set up my dev env, keep it updated and working, you’re my devops ❤️
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