Hi i dont do open source projects often .
But i want to publish some as open source .
I dont know much about the licensing i only know about gpl3
I dont know if any license offers this thing i need or not .
I need one that allows others to compile and publish their own with ofcourse the given credits
But they cant sell the app . I want keep it free for ever
I saw some big projects that people compiled and sold and that really hurts and the project developer got unmotivated and discontinued the project :(

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    I don't now what license that would be either. But you could create a new repo on GitHub and there you can choose a license... I know that does not help you but next to that option is a link to a helper page, where they have short information about every open source license and what it allows and disallows you. Maybe that can help you... :-)
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    @OnlyBytes i will probably do that with a subdomain of my main website thanks 😀
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    @Nikan No problem... However I have no idea why you need a subdomain for that. You do not actually have to create a new repo... The "create a need repo" page is just the location where you can find the link to this helper page... :-)
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    @OnlyBytes i know but want to use it as a page to write the rules of usage of the project
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    Choosealicence.com you're welcome
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    Companies I know use agpl I believe. That allows them to bring out a free version and a paid version. but I'm not a lawyer
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