Very senior colleague: *hits a problem that is a minor inconvenience*
VSC: "I have to restart this task, the two weeks I put into it must be deleted!"
Me: "You forgot to do *this* here, add this 1 line and it's ok."
VSC: *An hour of rumbling about the codebase*
VSC: *adds my fix*
VSC: "Ok, it works now, you can review again"
Me: *cries inside*

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    I worked with a senior Linux administrator that had more years of experience than I was alive at the time.

    He discovered the very expensive software we purchased was 32 bit but our OS was 64 bit and he couldn't get it to run. He started firing off emails and phone calls to very high up people raising concerns.

    I installed some very simple package which had the 32 bit compatibility libraries and it worked fine.

    I also showed him how to use tab completion on the command line. He never used it and just typed (very slowly) with 2 fingers. I showed him netcat as well to transfer files. It blew his mind. But he never used it.

    I don't even want to think what kind of salary he was making...I'm sure it was a lot.
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